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Everything is Beachy!

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The Q: "I am having a destination wedding in a Caribbean resort..our ceremony will be in a lovely garden and our cocktail hour in a plaza in the resort…however our evening buy cocktail dresses reception will be on the beach, since the venue we wanted is already booked..can you please give some ideas/tips on having a really hot (no pun intended) beach reception." – P The A: Beach Weddings are so fantastic!discount cocktail dresses

One of the main questions that I would have for you is whether the  area is tented or not?  Since I don’t know, I’ll make a few suggestions that would work either way.  Remember ladies, when working destination, you’re limited to what items are on site- and not everything that you see at weddings stateside will be commonplace on the island or at the venue where your reception is.  These suggestions are generally things that can easily be flat packed by you and brought down OR that your local florist/ venue would probably have. First things first, think LIGHTS and WHITES.  As your guests make their way from the cocktails to the reception location, don’t just have them walk over, illuminate the path with luminaries- they are really easy to make- especially using LED lights and they add a very romantic element to the venue without racking up a lot of expenses.  It will help set a mood.  You should also think about ILLUMINATING the perimeter of your reception area- since it is open air.

If you don’t have a tent structure, consider bordering the area with torches that can be dropped into the sand.  You’ll create a sort of "ring of light" around your guests.  Pick this theme up with centerpieces of candles in hurricane vases or glass cylinders of varying heights .  The look is modern and clean, but the cluster of glass and candlelight is surprisingly sheek.  Just remember, you have to protect all of your candle flames from wind! If you have a tent structure, EVEN Better!  Consider using JUST the structure and wrapping the frame  of the tent with  what’s called "Fairy Lights" or our cheap cocktail dresses Christmas lights. It’s an amazing effect that paired with clean white linens is simply chic and breathtaking. For something more romantic, though, more labor intensive.  Consider these Roly Poly chandeliers.

Essentially, it’s a votive holder with a ribbon "hot glued" to the bottom  This is something we’ve used at several client weddings where we’ve had a hanging point in an entry way or over a dancefloor and it ALWAYS gets ooohs and aaahs.  Recently, I came across this photo of the same concept, but in  a Clear top Tent and I think it’s just lovely. I think the main thing, when going beachy, is to discount cocktail dresses actually go simple.  It is far more elegant to play with candlelights and whites than to do something more apropos of a ballroom in the open air.  That look too often goes flat.

Expecting Brides

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     The Q: Dear Often a Blogsmaid:?? Ummm…so I have a question.? I got engaged six months ago, decided on a date, put down the deposit on the venue and sent out the save-the-dates to 80 plus friends and family for our wedding in five months (late Sept). Two months ago,discount cocktail dresses  we discovered (or I discovered) that I was pregnant (happily pregnant).? I’m due in November so I will be pretty darn pregnant during our wedding.? How do I find a dress?china wedding gowns

     And more importantly how do I get over the disappointment of not being able to drink at my own wedding?? Also, any other problems you foresee?? Thank you,? Pregnant and Sober The A: P & S, wow you have a lot going on .? Well, frankly, I don’t know how you get over the dissappointment of not drinking at your own wedding, but I suppose having the caterer work up a a specialty non-alcholic cocktail might help ease the pain (a non-alc mojito style drink can be nice).? On the upside, you will totally remember all the things that your friends and family did while drunk at your wedding. I formal cocktail dresses didn’t know that there were such a wealth of options for expecting brides out there, but, it seems that there are!! I think the biggest concern is finding something flexible since you don’t yet know what size you’ll be.? There is a fabulous site called Maternity Bride, that has a Santa Barbara location, but primarily does all of their business online.?

     Since they do this all day long, every day, they are able to offer you some guidance on ordering and they have an exchange policy in place, but not a return policy. Still, the prices shop cocktail dresses are reasonable and it’s worth a look.

Dressing Up Your Wedding Party

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    Amy Atlas sent more than photos of a gorgeous summer table that she developed in Hamptons recently that had been photographed by Dawn Giarizzo. More photos are shop cocktail dresses offered on Amy’s blog! The table inspired me to post about Green being one of my favorite colors for summer events….formal dresses

     When I think spring, I think the colors of the little blooming flowers, but summer brings to mind idling under a big green tree keeping cool from the hot summer sun.? That sentence made me laugh out loud.? I’ve been reading too much Twilight.? It can be a great accent color- here we used it to decorate the aisle for a wedding we planned last year for Raquel and Josh. (Photo by Mel Barlow) For Serah and Min’s wedding earlier this summer, leafy greens were used to bring pops of green against a chocolate brown backdrop!

      The effect was outstandingly cool and refreshing.Photo by Robert Wagner.    Finally, why not let your green get a little preppy.? This loft wedding that we planned a couple of summers ago was inspired by the couple’s apartment and the hot August heat! We set off the green with a buy cocktail dresses bit of Navy.(photos by Cappy Hotchkiss)

       This past weekend we had a wedding at the Bowery Hotel filled with gorgeous and lovely seeking ladies.  To keep things mellow, our bride opted to have all the bridesmaids wear pink cocktail dresses in whatever shade they chose.  The result was stunning (pictures forthcoming) and I noticed that everyone had looks that were personalized, but it still came together.  One trend that I loved: really chunky necklaces on all the ladies.  Some were beaded, some were embellished cheap cocktail dresses with flowers.  All of it stylish.  That made me think of Stella & Dot.  Their stuff is so amazingly fashionforward and fun, yet reasonably priced.  Perfect for a bridesmaid or guest searching to let people know who YOU are! If you buy through this particular link, their rep has offered our readers FREE SHIPPING! WOO HOO!.

Disastrous Sister

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   The Q: I don't genuinely get together with my sister-in-law.? We frankly just do not like one yet another.? Nonetheless, my fiance and my brother are quite, very close and I have a sister also, with whom I’m really close.? My fiance genuinely wants my brother-in-law to be his best cheap cocktail dresses man AND further, he wants my sister-in-law’s husband to be in the wedding party.? I feel as though I've NO CHOICE but to have my sister in law as a bridesmaid, but I really do not want to.?shop cocktail dresses

   Frankly, she gives me the creeps (and drives me up a wall) and the idea of having her around me all morning before my wedding gives me anxiety.? That said, it seems weird that she would be the only person under our Chuppah that wasn’t a bridesmaid.? Any thoughts? The A: In an ideal world, everyone gets along with everyone else and the entire wedding process is like a discount cocktail dresses (forgive the pun) cake-walk.? Nonetheless, more often than not there is some family history, or friendship tension or something that comes up and makes this a tad bit less than idyllic.? This is what I would call 1 of those situations.? It doesn’t matter genuinely how much you don’t like her. She is your family now and you are sort of stuck together for holidays and gatherings and more.? Why start that relationship off on any worse of a foot than you are already on.?

     Who wants to give her, or your MIL or your BIL or your HUSBAND ammunition for future discussions of “She didn’t even have me as a bridesmaid!”.? Is a little bit of serenity formal cocktail dresses now worth years of potential bad blood? I think not. So, that said, you don’t need to sit around braiding each others’ hair all day.? Get ready with just your mom and sister and meet everyone else later for photos. OR, give everyone a call time for hair and make up and make hers last.? No matter what, she’s going to be a part of your big day, so you may too just keep the peace and put her in an unflattering dress (kidding!)

Crane, Crane, go away!

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    Xochitl and I've a mutual friend who decorated her Christmas tree this year with origami cranes. It looks fantastic in this photo, but I promise you it was even more remarkable in person! It opened up my eyes to what folks can do with origami. I decided to post some different ways to incorporate this into wedding day. Just bear in mind, DIY projects take time, so make sure to commence early! I was looking through old magazine nowadays for something and saw this in an old formal cocktail dresses Martha Stewart Weddings. I adore this! What a fantastic way to make your guestbook and interactive and fun location. This requires it’s own table, so make certain you have the room in your cocktail area. What about making your ceremony space a little a lot more interesting? I have a ton of clients that don’t want some thing floral, so this might be an alternative. Do you adore the look, but just too lazy/busy/non-artistic to execute? Well, you’re in luck, because you can buy them pre-made at Etsy. I really like the internet. Here is a photo of the tree that started it all. Knowing her, this has totally increased the pressure for this year’s tree!

wedding shops
     The Q: When I’m looking over contacts for my location, florist, caterer etc. is there anything I should be looking out for? The A:  Totally!  Aside from the typical and obvious stuff like your names, the locations, items, insurance provided and start and end times for services, there are still other, less obvious details that you should be sure your contracts include, such as: 1) Illness or Cancellation policy.  Most of the time we select vendors based on their individual work and who they are. 

       Be sure that your contract has provisions for what you will do should your shop cocktail dresses vendor fall ill and what your back up plan is.  The same for your vendor needing to cancel. 2) Payment and Production schedule.  When dealing with vendors who will still OWE you things after the wedding, like video and photography, be sure that a payment is still due upon receiving your product/ you have a deadline worked in to receive those items. For instance, you will receive proofs within 4 weeks of the wedding at which time the final payment of $600 is due. 3) Rescheduling policy.  It sounds weird, but things happen and sometimes you need to reschedule.  You should ask about the policy and whether or not you’ll be penalized for causing them to lose the first date or if you can shift buy cocktail dresses your date over without a penalty.

Charitable Take

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   The Q: Hey Xochitl, How are you? I started reading your blog a year ago when one of my friends was obtaining married. Now that I'm finding married it’s a great resource for me. we are thinking about donating money instead of giving favors. Where can I find out about charities that will provide printouts of your donation to us at the table setting? The A: So, this question actually buy cocktail dresses came in through my? facebook page, which was kind of exciting, because I love when I get questions through twitter and facebook.. It’s just cool to get to interact with people and old pals that are reading this. china wedding gowns

   I LOVE, love, love charitable donations instead of favors.? I went to a wedding a few years ago and I got two glass swans on a mirror as a favor and well…. what do you do with that? But, I’m Latin and Italian and I think genetically we feel guilty throwing favors away…. (so I gently re-gifted it to a relative that I thought might appreciate it more). Anyway, point being is that favors are often not as appreciated by your guests as you might think that they are, AND more over, I simply hate doing things for the “sake’ of doing things… You actually DON’T have to have a favor.? In fact, I think that unless there is something that you really feel is meaningful and sentimental that the two of you want to do, then it’s even better to take a small portion of your budget that you would have wasted on Chotzkes and put it towards a cause that means something to you. And, even better, many, many charities now offer up a donation card for you to offer to your guests to inform them of your choice of a donation in lieu of favor and a bit about the charity as well.??? Here are my top 5 sites for this kind of thing: Hot Bread Kitchen:? I Love this charity. I’ve blogged about them before, they essentially teach and train women in economic cheap cocktail dresses need and varying cultural backgrounds how to work in bakeries…. a growing industry with steady pay.? They teach them how to bake various kinds of breads with techniques from all over the world.? And for varying amounts of money you can donate and receive either a donation card (that is super cute) or a donation card WITH your choice of baked goods. Bride’s Against Breast Cancer:

    This charity helps to grand wishes to women with terminal breast cancer and they offer up to donors pink envelope favor cards. If this feels to limiting, check out the I Do Foundation, where they will offer you up cards reflecting your donation to the charity of your choice.? They have an discount cocktail dresses enormous list and you can split your donation amongst a couple of charities. You can also make up your own!? Here is a favor tag that we made for a wedding a few months ago. It was placed on every guests’ cheese plate.

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