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Bridesmaids Gifts Revisited

06:30, 12/10/2011 .. 0 comentarios .. Link

     The Q: “Hi, I’m a bride-to-be and am curious what to get my bridesmaids besides the overdone monogrammed tote and beauty product pamper. Please, any ideas cheap cocktail dresses would be helpful! Thanks! “ -CMD from Rochester Mi The A: I know! Bridesmaids gifts are such a stresser! Here are a few suggestions.

formal cocktail dresses

    Ok, so while you said no beauty, I would still like to suggest Custom Fragrances, because it gives you a chance to think about each girl, while still doing something uniform for them. Creative Scentualization has online fragrance purchasing and it about $35 per bottle discount cocktail dresses or for something a little more test-able, Jo Malone will customize scents for you. I would also suggest that you consider a uniform charm necklace. I gave my maids tiny gold Faith, Hope and Charity necklaces exactly like the one I always wear so that they could have something that reminded them of me and of being in the bridal party. But, for something more fun, I totally suggest Maya Brenner’s awesome designs: Mayra and I both have the east coast west coast necklace, and her cool (I SWEAR!) zodiac charms are a great way to think of each girl, but again, stay uniformed. Maya’s stuff is available at Finally, I have to tell you, I thought this was divine, and much more reasonable than one would think. One of our clients gave each girl a simple pair of diamond studs, which are such a classic that every girl should have one. Another is giving them formal cocktail dresses (and this is a super splurge) Hermes scarves.

       And then one person bought the girls luxury umbrellas, as a symbolic note that she would be there on a rainy day. I thought that was sweet! Best of luck and remember, it doesn’t need to be related to the wedding!

Bon Jour Late Night Snacks!

06:23, 11/10/2011 .. 0 comentarios .. Link

        Numerous weeks ago I was at a delightful Sunday Supper where they served the most lovely wines- straight from dinner appropriate through to dessert.? The packaging was formal cocktail dresses outstanding, and they wines truly refreshing.? Then a few weeks later, I was contacted by Boukè wines about how wonderful their wines would be for weddings…

      One look at the bottle and I knew- these were the wonderful wines from our Sunday Supper!? I was so excited. Turns out Bouke realized that their amazing packaging could be PERFECTION at weddings and thought we might be able to weigh in.? Since we do a large number of loft, tent and raw space weddings where our couples can provide their own bar, AND we do love wine, I felt it was our duty to try out a few bottles.? They arrived yesterday- a White, a Red and a Rose. Boukè was founded by Lisa Donneson and Giles Martin and their winds are all blends of North Fork grapes.? In less than 2 years, it’s been awarded multiple honors and if that wasn’t enough, it is just so cute! I love the stripes and the dessert wine packaging. But, does any of that matter? How do they taste? Since I’d already had the white and the dessert wine, Mayra took home the red to try and I took home the Rose.? I tested it while I wrote my presentation for the Association of Bridal Consultants Conference… shop cocktail dresses so if any of you are attending … I wrote it under “rose colored glasses” hahahaha.?

       Seriously, the Rose was absolutely lovely.? IT is VERY fragrant and has a fruity bouquet, but isn’t nearly as sweet as the nose of the wine. It said it paried well with lamb or a spicy crab cake. I had it with my Aunt Linda’s left over manicotti and meat balls, and it was still delicious. Mayra and her boyfriend had theirs with no food, BUT it achieved the highest honor of all with “This is the kind of wine you could drink 3 bottles of and not notice!”. And isn’t that what you want at your buy cocktail dresses wedding?? Bouke is available with a 20% discount when ordered in multiple cases.? You can buy online, or for out of state orders, contact them via email through their website to place your order!

Big Nightmare Big Bliss

06:54, 10/10/2011 .. 0 comentarios .. Link

        Earlier this week I was mesmerized by the controversy that erupted right after blogger Maura Kelly wrote what amounted to a hate-rant about the show “Mike and Molly” buy cocktail dresses but was actually directed at all Plus Size men and women on the Marie Claire website. ?

       Hopefully you can read the post, the backpedaling apology and the very intelligent commentary and rebuttals for yourself, but to summarize, the author brought to light real feelings of “Size-ism” that exist and are expressed (implicitly and in this case overtly) in a lot of beauty, fashion?and BRIDAL industries. Presumably the author, who expressed that she finds it “aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room” would also presumably not watch fat people get married either…. but actually, I sometimes think that perhaps Ms. Kelly isn’t alone in that. As a member of the wedding industry who has been working with brides for the past 7 years, I have always cheap cocktail dresses been particularly horrified at the persona non-grata status that has been given to “plus size” girls getting married.?

       I used quotations because I’m not just talking about women who are extremely overweight, I’m actually talking about the numerous women who are traumatized by the joyous experience of wedding dress shoppping because they can’t fit into the very teeny sample sizes that most bridal salons carry. ?If you are reading this and had the experience of having a sample wedding gown placed on you, pinned in the back and trying to imagine what it would be like when it was made just for you…. imagine if you couldn’t put on the dress at all, had someone hold it in front of you and ask discount cocktail dresses you to order it on blind faith that once in your size it would look great!? To say that it would be the opposite of joyous is an understatement.

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